Antiquariaat RARE FISH BOOKS, located in the centre of Amsterdam, was founded in 1998 by C.J.J. (Carel) Richter. Carel Richter is a biologist. He has been collecting old and finely illustrated fish books since he was a student at the Free University of Amsterdam and later as a professor teaching aquaculture and fisheries at the Agricultural University in Wageningen and the Catholic University in Leuven. Em. prof. dr. C.J.J. Richter has worked as guest researcher at the Institut Royal des Sciences Naturelles à Bruxelles and at the Artis Library of the University of Amsterdam.

S.M. (Sophia) Hendrikx is a historian and was educated at the University of Amsterdam and University College London. Sophia Hendrikx has worked at Bernard Shapero Rare Books and Bloomsbury Auctions in London and at Asher Rare Books in the Netherlands. In addition to to her affiliation with RARE FISH BOOKS she is currently working on a PhD thesis on the development of ichthyology as a field study on the sixteenth century at the University of Leiden, within the context of the NWO funded New History of Fishes project. Additional information is available on her blog Fish Books-fishtories.

Books from RARE FISH BOOKS were shown in 2004 at the exhibition 'Fish, Still lifes by Dutch and Flemish masters, 1500-1700' in the Central Museum in Utrecht, the Amos Andersons Konstmuseum in Helsinki and in 2007 at the 'Linnaeus exhibition, Aap, Vis, Boek' in the University Library in Amsterdam.

References: Richter, C.J.J., Expensive and exquisite fish books. In: L.M. Helmus, ed. Fish Still lifes by Dutch and Flemish masters 1550-1700. Centraal Museum Utrecht, pp. 156-176, 347-369, 2004 - Richter, C.J.J., Hollandse vissenboeken. De onweerstaanbare kracht van de afbeelding. Historisch Tijdschrift Holland, vol.3, pp. 161-176, 2006 - Richter, C.J.J., Linnaeus als ichtyoloog, historie en mythe. In: F.J.M. Verkruysse, ed. Aap, vis, boek. Linnaeus in de Artis bibliotheek, pp. 36-47, 2007 - Hendrikx, S.M., Het eerste en misschien ook wel het kleinste en mooiste boek over waterdieren. In: Hans Mulder en Erik Zevenhuizen, eds. De natuur op papier, 175 jaar Artisbibliotheek, pp. 82-85, 2013 - Hendrikx, S.M., Identification of herring species in Conrad Gessner's ichthyological works, a case study on taxonomy, nomenclature, and animal depiction in the sixteenth century. In: Paul J. Smith and Karl A.E. Enenkel (Eds.), Zoology in Early Modern Culture. Intersections of Science, Theology, Philology and Political and Religious Education, Leiden: Brill, pp. 149-179, 2014.

Please contact RARE FISH BOOKS if there is any particular antiquarian fish book you are searching for.

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